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Bone  Screws
Screw are the basic elements for achieving interfragmentary compression. They can be used as lag screws either individually or though plates to bring two fragments together under compression.
we are manufacturing two type of bone screws, cortex screws and cancellouse screws.

Malleolar screws with cortex thread, a shaft and a trocar tip have limited use in the metaphysical area, distal humerus, the trocanteric area, and sometimes in the ankle, where the bone is rather dense.

Screw Head. The 8mm diameter head has a hemispherical undersurface, the hexagonal socket, 3.5mm in width, enables easy in section and removal with a hexagonal screwdriver of the corresponding size, without the need to apply axial pressure.
Screw Thread. The design of the screw thread is the factor ultimately determining the screw's holding power in the material in which it is used.
We are manufacturing the bone screws according the ISO (international ,Organization of Standardization) standards.
The raw material which we are use in the bone screws are Medical Grade Stainless Steel and Medical Grade Titanium
For more information about bone screws plase download the brochure...