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Quality Policy of V2 Evren A.S. has been defined by the top management, shared with all of the employees within the organisation, made accessible for the employees, and ensured its continuity.

Main principle of our Company is the customer satisfaction and superior success in competition.

In order to maintain and even further improve our competitive capacity, we must always strive to reach the perfect in all processes we conduct. We must never make concessions in the excellent product and presentation quality of our products which are intended for human health

We must maintain our training, continuous improvement and development activities in order to meet the local and international customers’ rapidly changing requests on due time, amounts, and quality. Active participation of all of our employees will be the indispensable element of our achievement.
High-quality product and service can only be obtained by purchasing of high-quality input materials. We must work with the local and foreign suppliers of products and services that meet our requests, and must support our suppliers whenever necessary in their efforts to raise their quality
We must keep our concept of unconditional customer satisfaction in the products and services we offer to our customers inside our Company, just as the way we do to the external customers
High-quality products are manufactured in high-quality environments. Every member of the V2-EVREN Family is responsible for the safety, cleanliness, and order of our workplace environment.

I am fully confident that all the members of the V2-EVREN Family will go on their efforts in this respect, and offer all their support to us in achieving our purposes and targets.