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Angled Blade Plates
Angled blade plates were developed for the fixation of proximal and distal femoral fractures. Later astronomy plates with different angles were introduced. All angle blade plates are of one-piece construction with a fixed angle between shaft and blade.

Angled blade plates with 95 and 130 angles are mainly used for fracture fixations. Osteotomy plates of various angles are available in sizes for both adults, adolescents, children and infants.

The blade of the plates for adults has a U-cross-section, for the small adults, adolescents, children and infants have T-shaped blade cross-section.
The dynamic compression holes are arranged in an offset mode, similar to the straight broad plates. These holes accept 4.5mm cortex screws, the round holes in some type of plates will be accept 6.5mm cancellouse bone screws.
We are manufacturing the Angled blade plates since 1963 and we use medical grade stainless steel (ISO 5832-1)
For more information about Angled blade plase download the brochure...