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Dynamic Hip Screw and Dynamic Condylar Screw System
The dynamic hip screw (DHS) implant system has been designed primarily for the fixation of trochanteric fractures. It may also be used for certain subtrochanteric fracture as well as for selected basic-cerical femoral fractures.

The implant is based on the sliding nail principle which allows impaction of the fracture. This is made possible by the insertion of a wide diameter screw into the femoral head.

We are manufacture just the 135 barrel angle which is most commonly indicated.
The dynamic condylar screw (DCS) is similar to the DHS in its design and concept. The fixed angle between plate and barrel is 95 and the plate is contoured to fit the lateral surface of the distal and of the femur.
We use Medical Stainless Steel to manufacture DHS and DCS plates, also we have instrumentation about this system.
For more information about DHS and DCS sytems plase download the brochure....