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Our company has been established in 1943 by the pioneer of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Turkey, Ord. Prof. Akif Sakir Sakar and our Honarary Sureyya Nejat Evren for the manufacturing of orthopaedic implants and hand tools.

The company was the first manufacturer in Turkey during the II. World War years. We have served the Turkish Medical Community by supplying bone plates and Kuntscher nails at a time when import was very difficult. Biocompatible V2A steel was used as raw material
The V2 emblem in our company logo has been adopted from this fact. The company has undergone restructuring in 1979, thereby becoming an anonymous firm. Our scope of manufacture has broadened over time with our increase in experience, technological advances and the expectations and needs of the medical community 
Modern manufacturing processes and technological system are applied on both CNC and conventional lathes. CAD/CAM systems are used in projects and manufacturing. The companys chief executives have adopted Total Quality Management system and have restructured the organization as well as increasing the engineering and technical stuff, thus maintaining an environnement for continuous improvement, which has led to establishment of a total Quality Management System.
Our manufacturing policy is to observe modern and current technical advances in our field (milling) and thus serve the orthopaedic community by establishing long term trust through our conscientious performance