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Osteotomy Plates for Adults, U Profile
The osteotomy plates for adults are available with different angles between blade and shaft. Standard plates have angle of 90, 110, 120 and 130,
We are manufacturing DCP and Round Holes.
Osteotomy Plates for Small Adults and Adolescents 90 T Profile
The osteotomy plates are used for interthrochanteric osteotomies in small adults and adolescents, where the U profile be too wide and could cause breakege of the neck.
The blade with T profile is available in lengths of 40, 50, and 60mm
Osteotomy Plates for Children, T Profile
These plates conform to the small diameter of the femoral neck of children up to 10 years and are used for derotation and varus osteotomies. The plates are available with three different angles, 80, 90 and 100
Infant Hip Plates 90 T Profile
These plates are used for derotation and varus osteotomies in infants and in children up to 5 years. the plate are available in two different blade langths; 25 and 32mm with offsets of 7 and 12mm. The shaft has 3 DCP holes for 3.5mm cortex screws.
For more information about Angled blade plase download the brochure....